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Adam Driver appears in a scene from “The Report.” ATSUSHI NISHIJIMA/Amazon Studios

Michael Smith's fan-boy review of "Uncovering the Truth," made me chuckle ("Movie review: Solid cast sheds light on the truth in 'The Report,'" Nov. 14).

Smith trusts the work product of corrupt entertainment moguls, dishonest celebrities and their influencers (a profession that gives itself awards for influencing the public).

Newspapers now print opinion articles as news. Why does Smith think his admiring review will convince readers a movie is anything but a slanted Hollywood script? Perhaps there are facts in this movie, but Hollywood’s truth can’t be trusted.

It's interesting how Adam Driver is presently entertainment’s golden boy. He first got notice by starring in the revolting, soft porn HBO series "Girls." Yes, it was award-winning. I never understood why.

Driver and actress Lena Dunham, its creator, were not attractive. He often sat listening, thick and mouth breathing, while she lolled about in her nakedness sharing supposedly new ideas about sex.

Is Driver a great actor? I don't know. He doesn't project an ounce of wit, sparkle, personality, charisma or intellect in the roles I've seen him portray.

Perhaps he has good connections, something entertainment thrives on.

Reporters used to report facts. Opinion writers used to present opinions. Facts and opinions shouldn’t mix, unless that is explained.

Welcome to my new truth: Journalists keep journals. Lots of people keep them. I admire the writing skill, but I don't think much written is the truth.

Joan Minor, Bartlesville

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