Congressman Markwayne Mullin says that we should all "demand meaningful immigration reform that allows for an influx of potential workers into the United States." (”Congressman Markwayne Mullin encourages business leaders to press for immigration reform,” Aug. 14)."

Why? Because he says that he can't find enough "high-quality" workers to staff his plumbing business.

Seriously? Oklahoma workers aren't high-quality enough to do plumbing work?

I think what Mullin is saying is that he would prefer to exploit cheap foreign labor so he can make more money rather than pay a meaningful wage to qualified Oklahomans.

And, if Oklahoma workers aren't high-quality enough, what is Mullin doing to help?

Is he supporting improved public education in his congressional district or in Oklahoma statewide? (Suggested answer: no).

Is he supporting training opportunities for Oklahoma workers? (Suggested answer: no).

Is he paying Oklahoma high-quality workers sufficient wages and benefits to motivate them to work for his business? (Suggested answer: no).

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