Utica Square Lights

Holiday lights at Utica Square.

As a former Tulsa resident, I often find myself reminiscing of my hometown. There is charm here, the type of charm felt when window shopping through Utica Square.

There is a feeling one has with every bite of a coney, and an enchantment felt when dining in so many of the city’s charming restaurants. Every time I come back here, I am reminded of how special this place is.

Despite residing elsewhere, I am aware of the discourse regarding the city’s development. I’ve heard how Tulsa should be the next Austin, Dallas or even Oklahoma City.

I am sure all of these cities are interesting in their own way, but so is Tulsa, and any effort of imitation would be far below its ethos.

While home for the holidays, I visited one of my favorite restaurants, only to be disappointed. The interior had been renovated to appear more modern and upscale, ripping away the unique ambiance that once existed.

This caused a dining experience that felt generic and symbolized the discourse regarding this city. How is it not apparent that imitation suppresses the unique characteristics that make something great?

Change is inevitable, and Tulsa is in an era of change. As this city continues to grow, I hope it only does so while staying true to itself.

It doesn’t take long, but time away from here only leads to one conclusion: There is no place like Tulsa.

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