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I would like to make some observations about the current University of Tulsa administrative plan to eliminate 84 degree programs over the next several years.

I, as so many former students, do not agree with this action.

I graduated from TU in 1961 with a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering. It took me five years to graduate, and my last year was composed of humanities and some graduate studies.

As so many people in our profession, I have resided many years abroad in charming abodes where one longs for some civilized comforts.

Although perhaps not expressed properly, I do consider the humanities training at TU as helping me overcome adversity and find comfort in classical reading and other fruitful activities.

I would also caution the current TU administration in projecting the future.

Fifty years ago, I predicted we would all be speaking Chinese by now; reckon I missed by a few months.

I politely suggest the TU board solicit the generous and alturistic billionaire Robert F. Smith (no relation) to organize the generous folks of the Tulsa community to take over this task and restore a full humanities curriculum.

Robert S. Smith, Tulsa

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