Mark Twain, called the Lincoln of American literature by a contemporary, expressed his frustration with those unwilling to remain open in their minds (and hearts) to new, different or more compelling points of view, in a few very powerful words.

“Loyalty to petrified opinion never broke a human chain or freed a human soul,” he remarked.

Twain’s brilliant observation is an extraordinary reminder of how an entire nation literally changed its mind about slavery and, likewise, how individuals undergoing religious conversions of personal significance ultimately must do the same.

Our nation is now deeply embroiled in a constitutional crisis that is dividing families, friends and colleagues.

Fueling much of the divide is petrified opinion significantly funded and manufactured by corporate interests and reinforced by our strongest international adversaries.

If allowed to continue and grow unabated, this wholly manufactured and grossly misinformed opinion will ultimately doom this democracy.

Sadly, the Tulsa World recently reported our governor and Republican congressional members will serve as our official state committee to re-elect the most corrupt and psychologically unfit president in history.

Both, Mark Twain and Jesus, doubtless wept. So should we all.

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