Virus Outbreak Oklahoma

State Sen. Tom Dugger (right) R-Stillwater, is among the legislators wearing face masks during a news conference on a budget agreement Monday. House and Senate leaders announced a $7.7 billion spending plan for the upcoming fiscal year. Sue Ogrocki/AP

I am staggered by the callous disregard my fellow Tulsans have for the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines for interacting with each other.

I ventured out recently to buy some plumbing parts for my lawn sprinkler.

I went to a local hardware store where all the employees wore their red vests, but only three of 10 wore a mask. All but three of my two dozen fellow shoppers (I counted) bothered to wear a mask.

The new norm for social distancing appears to be 6 inches, not 6 feet. Come on y'all, we are better than this.

I wore my mask not to protect me (which it doesn't), but to protect you. I try to stay 6 feet away to protect us both.

Unless you passed a COVID-19 test today, you could be a carrier.

None of us like to wear a mask, and it is hard to remember social distancing.

But, if we continue to disregard these new social protocols, we will have another wave. Officials say the consequences will be more devastating than the first one.

Please respect each other, even if it impacts your personal liberty.

Together we are stronger, that is the Oklahoma way.

Patrick Neal, Tulsa

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