Based solely on a purported religious definition of when life begins, Alabama and other states have made it clear that only wealthy women who have the means to travel out of Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia and Missouri will have access to abortion services.

So, only poor women will be forced to bear children in Alabama. Wealthy white women are exempt.

The children these poor women are forced to bring into the world will have restricted opportunities for economic advancement, education and even long-term health.

Statistically, these kids will likely be poor themselves and live their lives at or close to where they were born. Minimum wage jobs are their futures.

In short, these kids whose birth was forced by law will forever be at the mercy of employers who will pay them as little as possible. That’s just slavery without ownership.

The real incentive for old white Alabamans becomes pretty clear: force poor, likely black or Hispanic, moms to have kids who will have no opportunity for financial growth. They will be stuck in Alabama and paid no more than is absolutely required.

And all in the guise of a religious belief.

Just like in the ole Confederacy, religion is again a justification for slavery.

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