While I enjoy reading the Tulsa World, I am disgusted with allowing little space for letters from locals while giving almost half a page in the Opinion section to a Washington Post writers group including a recent one from Michael Gerson ("We should not explain away Trump's crazy ideas," Aug. 28).

Does the Tulsa World not realize that about 65% of Oklahomans voted for Donald Trump and support his efforts to return America the rule of law and adherence to the Constitution.

His wise decisions have helped Oklahoma by closing the border from drugs, trafficking and immigrants who do not like undocumented people getting in line illegally ahead of them.

Trump is working hard to bring back jobs from oversees and get fair trade China, which has stolen U.S. technology while spying.

John Solomon of The Hill learned about threats then-Vice President Joe Biden made against Ukraine to withhold foreign aid if known corruption were exposed.

Gerson has no footing to assume our president “almost certainly made” a comment about controlling hurricanes using nuclear bombs. No facts.

Instead, America knows that Trump supports diplomacy, not war, and especially not nuclear.

On Greenland, Gerson didn’t even mention Camp Century, and that it had a nuclear facility installed which may need addressing? Must we be forced to do our own research to learn why Greenland is important strategically?

In truth, Greenland citizens should decide for themselves if they want to be annexed or purchased.

It may not depend on what Denmark wants, but the people of Greenland!

Helen Hickey, Sand Springs

Editor’s Note: An April 1 opinion piece by John Solomon in The Hill states Joe Biden “strong-armed” Ukraine officials into firing its top prosecutor, who was investigating an energy company with Biden's son on the board.

Camp Century is a Cold War-era U.S. military scientific research base in Greenland. The camp closed in 1967. Three years ago, researchers found that melting ice could release nuclear and chemical waste and untreated sewage. Neither the U.S. nor Denmark have taken responsibility for the cleanup.

Greenland is in the Kingdom of Denmark. But since 1978, a series of referendums have led to the power of self-determination with a parliament, premier and control over political matters.

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