Tulsan Pat Malloy in a letter beautifully captured the feelings of a majority of Americans about the disgraceful abandonment of our Kurdish allies by President Trump ("Betrayal is the greatest sin of all," Oct. 20).

The world has been sadly watching 120,000 betrayed Kurdish men, women and children frantically fleeing their homeland, carrying belongings on their backs and small carts, before a savage Turkish army onslaught.

Trump repeatedly asserted that the U.S. troop removal in northeastern Syria was to "bring our troops home." This was another blatant lie because the roughly 1,000 Special Services forces have been reassigned to Iraq.

And, in the current time frame, his declaration of "ending endless wars" was contradicted by sending l,800 American troops to Saudi Arabia.

The U.S. Congress reflected a majority public feeling by passing a resolution rebuking Trump's foolish troop withdrawal; it passed 354-60, with 129 Republicans supporting the measure.

And, Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell wrote a scathing op-ed in The Washington Post saying Trump's moves were a "grave strategic mistake." He stated that they would also increase Russia's influence throughout the Middle East.

Turkish strong man Erdogan has long coveted ruling the northeastern quadrant of Syria. When he finishes driving out the Kurds he intends the area to become a Turkish settlement.

Trump is tone-deaf to all military and strategic advice, relying solely on his gigantic ego. The entire world should pray that his impulsive stupidity in Syria doesn't provide re-emergence to ISIS, whose caliphate he claimed to have eliminated.

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