“Have you no sense of dignity, sir? At long last, have you no sense of dignity?” Joseph Welch said to Sen. Joe McCarthy at the Senate U.S. Army hearing on June 9, 1954.

We asked that same question when Barack Obama's birthplace was questioned to unreasonable lengths.

We asked it again when Mexican immigrants were characterized as "murderers and rapists." And again when hearing a recording of "grabbing (women) by the p---y".

Yet again, when a personal lawyer admitted to paying hush money and when fact-checkers documented thousands of tweeted lies.

The answer is plain. A sense of dignity is not in him.

Our president purports to know more than the generals, but we are not free from wars.

He claims to know more than the diplomats, but our foreign relations are in shambles; our allies are unsettled, and our enemies are jubilant.

He claims to know more than the economists, but he is confounded by monetary policy, fiscal policy, strength of the dollar, deficit and national debt.

Where are the promised deals with China, North Korea and Russia? Where is the wall and the Mexican money to pay for it? And our personal favorite, his appointees to the Environmental Destruction Agency.

He has no dignity.

Can the U.S. Senate or the moral majority provide it, or must we wait another year-and-a-half for the American voters to show that someone cares?

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