Mental health is an issue that seems to be a hot button lately, from criminal justice and jail overcrowding, veterans care, women's safety and on down the line.

Hopefully, we can soon see some real changes and funding to support this. At the least, the stigma is being lifted.

I recently saw our commander in chief, after withdrawing support for our allies in Syria, change his mind from bringing our soldiers home to deploying them elsewhere in the Middle East.

My concern is for the mental health of the president. On national news he was ranting "That was me," "Me who did that," and "I did that," while discussing an ISIS defeat.

I was dumbfounded and more than ever concerned about what is kindly described as erratic or off-the-cuff behavior.

At what point do his advisers or family members step in and offer mental health counseling and support?

If I acted that way in public, I would hope a trusted friend or someone would help me through what seems to be a very painful and potentially dangerous point in time.

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