I am so proud of Sen. Mitt Romney for standing up for God when making his impeachment trial decision.

I am shocked at those who say they speak for God but push his commandments aside when they interfere with their group's money or power. 

I see "for sale" signs in church yards in my neighborhood. One pastor confided that his conservative church members are dying while a nearby church is growing.

There is also a mosque in my neighborhood where followers fill the parking lot to overflowing.

Muslims for Mercy was founded by an imam whose life was saved as a young boy in a Palestinian refugee camp. A Catholic nun hid him in 1982 when Christians were looking for Muslims to kill. Her name in English was Mercy.

He grew up to found Muslims for Mercy, a charity that ministers to all faiths to honor her name.

I hit the streets to minister to my people who are hurting and landed at the Tulsa Day Center, established and funded largely by a local Jewish Family.

The Bible says to love your neighbor and that the laws and the prophets are based on this. I went to a church in my neighborhood with a sign on the door that said, "This Pope Gives Us Hope"

When Pope Francis went to Jerusalem, he took a Jewish rabbi and Muslim imam with him because these three faith traditions stress doing the word. God loves all of us, not just some.

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