The letter "Violating Office Oath" (May 15) is a good example of a well-meaning individual believing what he hears on Fox News without questioning its veracity.

Fox News reported that it would be illegal for the attorney general to give unredacted information from the Mueller report to Congress, without mentioning that members of Congress are authorized to receive classified information. (I also heard the same information repeated several times on Fox News.)

Common sense says if an unelected political appointee is in charge of what information Congress can use in enacting the laws of this nation, our democracy would be turned upside down.

Officials who are trying to use the government for their own personal benefit would be allowed to prevail over those who are trying to represent the people.

Both liberal and conservative outlets generate misleading information daily.

The best solution to this problem is to question what you hear, add a dose of common sense and be suspicious of anyone who is trying to hide something.

Tom Whalen, Owasso

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