Radicals do exist in American politics and by their actions, it is the Republican Party as it remains unwilling to stand against President Donald Trump and for America.

Radical because they refuse to call out Trump’s consistent lies, misrepresentation of reality and constant, deliberate promotion of chaos and himself.

Radical because they support and encourage the Trump administration to remain above the checks and balances built into our Constitution.

Radical because, while once fiscal conservatives, they wrote a tax bill that increased the national deficit during economic prosperity to $1 trillion and counting.

Radical because they encourage and promote a president whose goal is to secure power by creating a divided rather than united nation.

Radical because they remain silent when the president uses racism to promote himself and demands that four duly elected American citizens be sent to foreign countries.

Radical when they pass a tax bill that heaps rewards upon the wealthy at the expense of the middle class.

Radical when they support a president who attacks our allies and praises tyrants and enemies.

Radical when they refuse to enact reforms to our election system that will keep it secure from sabotage.

Radical when they refuse to accept the reality and science of climate change and push the world into climate disaster.

The radical Republican Party is attacking the roots of our democracy, the safety of its citizens and our security in the modern world in order to promote their own minority political power.

Christine Buzzard, Tulsa

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