A letter recently accused the Republican Party of “losing its moral compass.” (“Democracy in peril,” Dec. 26.) It claimed the party supported a president who is an unfaithful womanizer, liar, someone ripping children from their mothers and a person adopting nefarious means.

The political left supports the greatest White House womanizer of them all while still holding another one in high esteem.

The left supported a presidential candidate who lied while standing by her man. The left supported a president who said we could keep our doctor and a party that removed God from its platform.

It’s a party supporting abortion from conception to birth and condemns anyone questioning science on climate change. Then, it accepts that gender is whatever a person wants it to be, believing it’s OK for biological men to use women’s showers and bathrooms and compete in women’s sports.

It’s a party that began the impeachment process the day after the 2016 presidential election using nefarious means.

The letter states the president is not doing a good job, which ignores the economy, low unemployment, stock market, trade deals and many other kept promises.

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