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Since the University of Tulsa’s April announcement of a “reimagining,” we have seen excellent op-ed pieces and many letters to the editor, all overwhelmingly opposed to TU’s restructuring.

TU was founded with ties to the Presbyterian church. When I arrived in the late 1960s, students were required to take Old and New Testaments courses, which we dreaded but came to enjoy in the hands of Dr. Grady Snuggs and Dr. Harold Hill.

Other requirements would lead me to:

The inimitable Dr. Beaumont Bruestle, head of the theater department, for humanities;

The genuine articles Dr. Harriet Barclay, head of the biology department, and Dr. Paul Buck for lab;

Working artists Glenn Godsey and Dr. William McKee for fine arts history; and

The gentle men of the English department — Dr. Winston Weathers and Dr. William Winchester, who taught us not only how to write but also how to behave.

My point? While I honed my journalism major, these gifted liberal arts professors broadened my knowledge base, my thinking and perspective.

When I became a feature reporter writing on a variety of topics, this liberal arts education, which had opened new worlds to me, served me in fine stead for my real life.

I am saddened beyond words to think TU is to become what many are calling “a trade school,” merely training students for jobs and the bottom line.

Please, TU leaders, listen to your concerned students and alumni: Reconsider! Then perhaps reshape the “reimagining."

Caroline Czenkusch Johnson, Tulsa

Editor's Note: Caroline Czenkusch Johnson earned from TU a bachelor's degree in 1971 and a master's degree in 1976.

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