Gathering Place

“Every piece of playground equipment is educational. The emphasis is on cognitive development and brain development,” Kaiser said. “It is not merely a merry-go-round, or a hobby horse.

“In every piece of equipment, you have a little bit of an edgy experience, perfectly safe, but a little edgy, walking along a rope, walkways between two big towers or climbing.”

As I observe the Democratic primary process, I have been struck with how the wealthy seem to be the default source of tax revenue for the bulk of the progressive programs offered by the candidates.

Not that this tactic is unusual when campaigning for national office, but the scale of the funding needed to fund the programs proposed by the candidates is staggering.

Further, the rhetoric used essentially vilifies the wealthy. It occurred to me that we may want to consider how we as a nation have benefitted by the largess of wealthy individuals.

We should acknowledge the vast sums they have contributed throughout our history for the betterment of society.

One sees countless examples of the impressive financial commitment by many wealthy families to not only improve the lot of the needy in this country but worldwide.

From Andrew Carnegie to Bill Gates and a host of others, we see a willingness to give back.

Boone Pickens and George Kaiser come to mind as local exemplars of how the wealthy contribute vast sums to improve our communities.

Further, their projects are delivered without the significant bureaucratic overhead associated with similar governmental projects.

James Shaw, Jenks

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