Mitt Romney

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney speaks during a press conference at the Summit Club in Tulsa, in 2007. ROBERT S. CROSS/Tulsa World file

I am a registered independent. I did not vote for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, but bless brother Mitt Romney.

I love him for his honesty and patriotism. I will be registering Republican soon. I believe he stood up against a coalition of corruption and for equal justice and the security of our nation.

I believe many of Romney's fellow Republicans are harboring a criminal and unrepentant liar. Spiritually, I believe he stood in the light of love and legally stood up for our supreme law.

Please help us call the president out as a coward if he will not debate Republican Massachusetts Gov. William Weld. If he is such a law enforcement president, he should be proud to debate Weld.

Weld has the top law enforcement credentials of all candidates. He was a deputy attorney general for Ronald Reagan.

Help us call Dishonest Donald out. Force him onto the debate stage before the general election.

Once again, I love Romney for his brave patriotism and stand for the truth. I believe he is one of our great leaders.

Jeff Pickens, Stillwater

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