New OU interim president Joe Harroz speaks at the Rotary Club of Tulsa luncheon on Wednesday. STEPHEN PINGRY/Tulsa World

In a Tulsa World article, the University of Oklahoma interim president declares a photo of a student racist ("Blackface report at OU draws strong response from interim president," Sept. 24).

The student says he is wearing a charcoal face mask treatment for medical reasons.

Is the president, a former law school dean, prosecuting and judging the student without due process, without any inquiry, without any investigation?

Is political correctness ruling instead of the rule of law or reason or fairness?

The picture was sent to OU’s Black Emergency Response Team, BERT, which made the picture public. Is there an OU White Emergency Response Team, or Brown or Red or Yellow?

Is OU creating a “Big Brother is Watching You” environment reminiscent of the infamous tactics of communist regimes and dictators? Are students reporting on students with potentially devastating consequences?

I do not know the student, but I’ll withhold conviction until evidence proves otherwise.

Most of us made mistakes in our youth, but there was a sense of understanding and forgiveness by adults toward us as youngsters learning right from wrong as well as making dumb mistakes.

None of us were perfect, but few of us were prosecuted as severely as many are today under the disguise of political correctness.

Today, it seems such actions by OU’s president and BERT circumvent the legal process and convict a student on the basis of a picture.

While I have respect for the OU interim president and racial equality, it seems we may have disrespected a student and subjected the student to the inequality we are struggling to overcome.

John Admire, Tulsa

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