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We currently have a quickly growing number of children across the state experiencing trauma. When these children go to school, the school should keep them safe.

How can that happen when many school staff are unaware of what trauma looks like or how to help a traumatized child?

A traumatized child is dealing with many thoughts and emotions nonstop, but we are asking them to go to school and learn, as though nothing is wrong.

There are many reasons why a child’s life should be improved by adults. Stop labeling every child who does not behave in the way you expect as “bad.”

Learn about triggers for a traumatized child. Use resources to help the child.

Finally, treat all children equally, regardless of their behaviors.

Children deserve the best chance at life. It is up the adults to give them these tools and help them become brave and strong.

For all school personnel, being trained in mental health first aid would be a great start. Mental health first aid would help catch trauma signs a child may portray.

Encouraging schools to keep mental health agencies embedded in the schools would positively affect children.

Encouraging guardians to look into trauma therapy options would help, too. School therapists are typically trauma-informed and trained.

These are the beginning steps for our school system’s growing demand of teaching traumatized children.

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