According to the Rev. Manasseh Cutler, who took a leading role in drafting the Ordinance of 1787 for the development of the Northwest Territory, "…we may dismiss our fears, when we consider that truth can never be in real hazard, where there is a sufficiency of light and knowledge, and full liberty to vindicate it.”

After the Aug. 24, 1814, British seizure of Washington, D.C. and burning of the Capitol and White House, the Marietta, Ohio, newspaper "Western Spectator," wrote in an editorial: "Shall we repose in apathy when our liberties are not only threatened, but openly assailed? Shall we cherish a lethargic sleep when the enemy is at our doors? Americans! …Awake…!"

In his book “Business Adventures,” writer John Brooks stated, "…King Lear learned ― that when the role of dissenter is left to the fool, there may be trouble ahead for everybody.”

It may be true that President Trump has accomplished a few good deeds while in office; but if there are any, they are foolishly overshadowed by his demands to “close the book” and “turn out the lights, the party’s over.”

The truth must triumph in spite of Trump and those Republican congressional members who praise Caesar and give the impression they kiss his feet.

But truth will not be revealed if Americans do not wake up and use their liberty to defend it.

The alarm clock is ringing.

Harold R. Cooper, Jenks

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