Let’s learn to adapt! That’s what two congressmen from Florida said about climate change.

U.S. Sens. Marco Rubio and Rick Scott said nothing about reducing the burning of fossil fuels or rising sea levels already affecting parts of Florida.

They proposed $300 million in projects over 10 years to protect the Everglades and coral reefs. That is pocket change for a state with a $90 billion annual budget.

They signaled that Big Oil and Big Coal had nothing to fear from them; they’d “take a look” at new plans to curb carbon emissions when presented to Congress.

It was quickly pointed out that America doesn't adapt to crises. We meet them head on and solve problems. That’s why we’re so strong and resilient.

The GOP has a list of cowards longer than my arm; politicians who put their pockets before their country. They’ve proven they can’t govern, so they're telling us to adapt.

They’ll tell us the same thing about gun violence: Let’s learn to “adapt” to mass shootings and school children being killed. They won't address the real problem: too many guns in the wrong hands!

C.P. Dwyer, Tulsa

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