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In Oklahoma, in 2014, taxpayers claimed $10 billion worth of deductions, with two-thirds taken by those with adjusted gross incomes of $100,000 or more, according to IRS figures. Courtesy

I had my 2018 state and federal taxes figured this year by H&R Block in Collinsville. The preparers said I owed the state $1,192, which I paid in February, nearly two months before it was due.

I received a bill last week from the Oklahoma Tax Commission, saying I underpaid my taxes by $3. That is three dollars.

Because of that, the tax commission says I now owe and additional $89.45 on that $3, bringing the total to $92.45.

Is the state of Oklahoma so broke that it would stoop to this? The letter and stamp probably cost $3. Something is not quite right.

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