Medicaid Matters Rally

A woman takes part in a Medicaid Matters rally at the state Capitol in Oklahoma City last year.

JIM BECKEL/The Oklahoman file

With everything going on right now, I am nervous that Oklahomans will forget we have an important decision to make June 30: Should Medicaid be expanded to 200,000 of our neighbors?

I hope you plan to vote yes on State Question 802. Medicaid expansion will provide health insurance to Oklahomans managing serious illnesses, including diabetes and cancer. There will be an estimated 20,530 new cases of cancer in Oklahoma this year. We know that early detection saves lives. This is our chance to expand Medicaid to ensure more people have access to life-saving cancer screenings and tests.

Without it, many will go untreated and undiagnosed. This is incredibly important to me as a cancer survivor. Having fought blood cancer three times in 32 years, my survival is due in large part to catching my disease early, stopping progression and receiving the care I need at high quality centers of excellence. Without medical coverage, many will go untreated and undiagnosed. Without health care, I simply would not be here today.

Join me June 30 to vote yes on SQ 802 and help us give thousands of Oklahomans a fighting chance.

Editor's note: Shagah Zakerio is a volunteer for the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network.

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