I awoke last week to the news that the president is using tariff threats against Mexico to coerce it into solving our immigration problem, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is screaming foul that the two issues are not related.


Without the willingness of American corporations to exploit immigrants as cheap labor, fewer people would be willing to risk coming here illegally.

Cheap labor here is riches to them. And they come from countries long manipulated by the American government and businesses.

It’s hard to respect the U.S. Chamber of Commerce with this kind of hypocrisy.

In a radio program, an American business was bemoaning the difficulty of controlling labor cost without migrant workers. To me their problem is a cause of celebration.

Paying a livable wage is good. Isn’t that the point of business and commerce, not self-enrichment but providing for the good of a community?

An example, perhaps antiquated: If American businesses paid a livable wage, there would have been no subprime mortgage crisis, and the world economy would not have been threatened with collapse.

A lot of demagogy about socialism will be heard this election cycle, but we  need to talk about capitalism too.

Socialism is a dated term, but, in its essence, wasn’t it about looking out for the good of people who work for a living, not just making money by exploiting others or already having a comfortable life and making more money through manipulating markets?

Don’t let yourself be manipulated.

Michael Lock, Tulsa

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