Ashley Parrish

Ashley Parrish on Aug 4, 2015. TOM GILBERT/Tulsa World

Congratulations to Ashley Parrish on her wonderful career at the Tulsa World and on her new beginnings at Holland Hall. She is a talented, class act!

I first met Ashley in June 2003 when she called for a home interview with my husband about his jam-making success. She managed to put him at ease while getting his back story about making jam and even more.

Of course after her article appeared, everyone did want some.

Jim no longer enters the Tulsa State Fair after grand prize and blue ribbons throughout the years, and his production has slowed.

But on a hot early summer day one can find him and his picking pal, Dan, in the ripe blueberry fields east of Tulsa, resulting in his delicious blueberry jam.

Thank you, Ashley, for that nice recognition for my husband. And best of luck in your new career at a great school.

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