The Moment: Crutchfield Park

I’ve spent a lot of time in the Crutchfield Park neighborhood since the restoration of the Outsiders House began. Certain things always grab my attention. A young adult who would be considered a hood by some always gets his or her photo taken. Graffiti is like evidence of the current crop of “outsiders.” A train whistle, like at the beginning of the movie, or a makeshift memorial to someone causes the imagination to run wild. Sometimes a car from the era of the book will roll through. But what grabs my attention most are the sunrises and sunsets. They are such a big part of the movie. On March 21, I was summoned to the area before sunrise for a fatal fire. As I finished covering the fire, the sunrise was magnificent. I found a spot to shoot it, then two people entered the frame — one carrying a beach umbrella and the other a bicycle frame. As I moved around photographing them, a woman walked up behind me, smiled at the sky and said, “Something beautiful like that reminds you of God’s presence.” Mike Simons / Tulsa World Magazine

I would like to thank the WaterShed Animal Fund of the Oklahoma City-based Arnall Family Foundation for having the foresight, true caring and concern for animal welfare to donate $715,000 for the benefit of animals ("Coalition for Tulsa Pets gifted $715,000 to support city's effort to become a no-kill shelter," June 7).

In reflection, which sometimes can be a good teacher, the $465 million for a centralized park along the River Parks could have gone a long way toward flood plights, teacher plights and delightfully updating our already conveniently placed neighborhood park lands throughout our city.

Hopefully, as the city spreads, perhaps more open land can be preserved within neighborhood planning.

Future families can continue to benefit from the convenience of enjoying outdoors with a neighborhood community park as well.

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