The U.S. women’s soccer team has again brought up the drastic inequity of pay based on a person being female or male.

It is long past time for America to set the standard of equal pay for equal work, or equal play in this case.

Whether it is teaching, technology, a sport or physical labor, equal pay is decades and generations overdue. This blatantly obvious inequality is eons of devaluating women.

Women have died in military service, law enforcement, firefighting and teaching in our schools.

It is an endless list of professions and service for which they were, and to this day, devalued for being female.

Nearly every day, the media is filled with the latest story about a powerful male superior who – often for years — has held sway over female co-workers who fear loss of income and/or retribution.

Unequal pay for women is blatant and intolerable, especially from America.

Maybe it is time to renew the call for the Equal Rights Amendment to show our support for equal pay for women in this country.

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