To say that America is divided is like announcing that water is wet. We all know about the deep controversy in this country concerning our president.

This great political divide in America reminds me of the book “Those Angry Days: Roosevelt, Lindbergh, and America's Fight Over World War II, 1939-1941."

Author Lynne Olson says that from 1939 through 1941 there was a 50-50 split in our country over intervention in the war in Europe and opposition to Japanese aggression in China.

Attitudes were very heated. That divide continued until Dec. 6, 1941. The next day the controversy was gone.

America was brought together due to the actions of external actors. I wonder if it will take events caused by people from across the ocean to dissolve the political separation we have today. And, if so, whether America will be able to survive these events.

Does history repeat itself? Only time will tell.

John L. Harlan, Tulsa

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