On May 8, my life changed forever. I hadn’t heard from my 30-year-old son all day; he wasn’t responding to phone calls or texts, which was very unusual.

I went to his apartment to check on him and found him dead on his living room floor.

As a parent, this is the worst nightmare, and months later it continues. I can’t imagine it stopping any time soon.

On July 2, we received the coroner’s report listing the cause of death as accidental mitragynine toxicity. Mitragynine is commonly known as kratom.

This herbal supplement is considered a legal recreational drug. There is no stated recommended dosage, no listed drug interactions and usually no listed strength on the supplement which makes this herb even more dangerous.

I sincerely believe Oklahoma and the United States should outlaw this herb or, at the very least, label it as a drug and require a prescription for sale.


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