President Donald Trump drew deserved accolades from a majority of the American public for his fine Independence Day speech lauding our armed services.

An enormous throng lined the reflecting pool in the rain to applaud him.

But, he cannot seem to enjoy the prosperity as he tweeted an absolutely foolish response to an obscure quartet, known as The Squad. The group of far-left radicals is lionized by an adoring national media who eagerly cover each of the idiotic rants.

They would have continued to remain in obscurity had not Trump gone off on one of his rages.

Trump faces a 2020 presidential race between himself and the winner of 20 pathetic Democrat candidates, many of whom are aligning themselves with radical or socialist philosophies.

What could be a shoo-in win for Trump might be a close election, if Trump cannot refrain from non-presidential acts of nonsense.

All of his intelligence and energies must be spent attending to vital national and international matters.

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