Trump likens House impeachment inquiry to 'a lynching'

President Donald Trump speaking during a Cabinet meeting in the Cabinet Room of the White House, Monday, Oct. 21, 2019, in Washington. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

During the past two weeks, unprecedented and disturbing political events unfolded and focused on President Trump’s misguided decision to withdraw U.S. military forces from Syria, and also to conceal his and other individuals involvement in the cover up to withhold military equipment to the Ukrainian government in exchange for political favors.

Recent testimony by U.S. government officials who were directly involved in this international travesty revealed incriminating information during closed-door congressional committee meetings, including the name(s) and the involvement of other co-conspirators.

During a recent White House meeting with congressional and cabinet members, Trump’s frustration was noticeable when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, stood up, confronted Trump and pointed her finger directly at him.

After the meeting, people in attendance said the president acted confused and experienced a meltdown.

On Oct. 17, Trump’s White House Assistant Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney publicly acknowledged during a press conference that Trump did indeed coerce the Ukrainian president to investigate Trump's political opponent and family members in exchange for U.S. military equipment.

He also said “Get over it.”

As a result of President Trump’s disregard of previous advice from retired Gen. James Mattis and political advisors, Trump’s decision allowed Turkey to invade Syria, executing the Kurdish militia, who were America’s allies during the war against ISIS.

Within days, Syrian and Russian military personnel moved into the area that was once occupied and protected by U.S. military.

What next?

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