As I read a recent editorial, I was certain it must be April 1 - April Fools' Day - alas, it was not.

Who would have believed the Tulsa World editorial board would suggest Donald J. Trump, a narcissist and egomaniac, made a "generous, patriotic donation" because he's giving away his $400,000 salary (“Trump's donations of his presidential salary are generous and patriotic," Aug. 23)?”

Due to his narcissism, Trump cannot do things to be patriotic. He does them to make people believe he cares.

Trump does not care. He just says the words.

Trump is giving away his $400,000 salary while concurrently dividing our country, ruining our reputation around the world and costing American taxpayers more than a $100 million thus far on golf trips to his own properties.

Trump pivots such criticism by saying, "But Obama...." But the fact is Trump will have spent far more than Obama in half the time.

According to Forbes, Trump's trips have cost taxpayers about $105 million and could cost taxpayers over $340 million if he's re-elected.

With these facts available in seconds with an online search, how would anyone consider his donations "patriotic and generous"?

Yes, the last two paragraphs acknowledge he has his downside, but "...we refuse to be cynical about Trump's act of public spirited philanthropy."

Well, that's a major error. Nothing Trump does is ever of that nature.

It's always about what it will do for him and his ever needy ego.

Steve Grosvald, Tulsa

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