I typically don’t watch President Trump rallies because they are disturbingly reminiscent of dystopian fiction and seriously at odds with reality here on earth. But, I caught part of his kickoff rally in Orlando, Florida.

In addition to him thinking he was still running against Hillary Clinton, it was a depressing event with Trump insulting his opponents and making wildly inaccurate claims.

Trump rallies have always been filled with anger and an apocalyptic view of the future where the others (immigrants, people of color, gays, Muslims and Democrats) will take your jobs, rape your daughters and murder you.

Throughout the rally, Trump was fomenting hate and aggression through lies, sarcasm and divisive language. Although his rallies always have the feeling of a religious revival a la “Elmer Gantry,” with rousing music, hypnotic vocal cadences of “lock her up” and “build the wall,” and views of the world that keep his followers in fear, there is nothing of redeeming Christian value. Just the opposite.

His message speaks to extreme radicals and others who are Trump devotees with similar views of the world. Some of those at the Orlando rally were neo-Nazis, The Proud Boys (a violent white supremacist group) and Q-Anon (a conspiracy group claiming mass shootings at Sandy Hook, San Bernardino, Parkland and Las Vegas were staged).

My mother always said, “You are known by the company you keep.”

Trump supporters are aligning themselves with some pretty strange, dangerous and mentally unstable company.

Jaclyn L Wertis, Jenks

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