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The University of Tulsa faculty’s vote of no confidence in the administration is sad. I have served as a faculty member and/or as an administrator at six different universities and the no confidence vote is no surprise.

Faculty members at any institution are not happy unless they get everything they want, not need. Faculty members support what they teach and most believe they could do a better job than current administration.

The real issue is TU’s decision regarding decreasing emphasis for liberal arts programs and increasing emphasis in the sciences thus liberal arts faculty feeling personally threatened. However, the job market and salaries for liberal arts graduates is abysmal, and the job market for science graduates is booming.

Liberal arts colleges across the nation are closing, and you can verify this by Googling “recent college and university closings.” However, there are many new programs in the sciences because the graduates are getting jobs and paying off student debt.

I believe TU is doing the right thing with announced program changes and applaud President Gerard Clancy and Provost Janet Levit.

I hope the TU board of trustees and the Tulsa community will rally in support of the TU administration because they are doing a terrific job.

Les Walls, M.D., O.D., Tulsa

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