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Mayor G.T. Bynum’s refusal to sign the referendum petition to repeal the so-called “constitutional carry” gun law was very disappointing.

To date, our mayor has shown himself to be smart, informed and principled. As he explained, his reasons for not signing centered on maintaining political bipartisanship.

At first glance that seemed admirable, particularly considering the highly charged political environment we live in.

But in this case, it was a bad mistake.

A noble quest for bipartisan leadership no matter how well intended should not give way to a very bad idea. Make no mistake; limitless open carrying of firearms in public is a horrible concept.

Our city needs the smart leader we now have, but we also need one with moral courage, willing to take a stand against the idea that more guns reduce gun violence.

We don’t need an impartial referee when it comes to public safety. We need a quarterback.

We need a mayor willing to set aside his self proclaimed, bipartisan purity and stand with those who understand more guns in public places will not make us safer, moreover it will not make our police safer.

It’s simply lunacy. It’s like fueling a fire already out of control.

This is not an issue on which to remain neutral.

It’s time to stem the tide of gun violence in America, and it will take courage from our elected leaders.

It’s time for them to stand against gun violence even when it jeopardizes their prospects for reelection or higher office.

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