Ashley Lopez, Tulsa World newspaper carrier


Among all the letters spewing political anguish, we would like to shine a little sunshine on the world, and the Tulsa World.

A couple of years ago, World carrier Don Evans began delivering our newspaper every day. He is reliable and even includes notes in our papers to keep us informed.

We have a very steep driveway, and he always leaves our paper up the hill at the walkway nearest our front door, rain or shine.

During the last snow event, our area received around five inches, and Don couldn’t get up our icy, snowy driveway.

He parked his car in a snow drift by the road and walked up our very snowy lawn to deliver our paper. We counted 33 steps!

We appreciate Don so much and just wanted the world, and the Tulsa World, to know it.

Thank you, Don, and see you tomorrow morning.

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