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Universal health care does work and exists in every other developed country in the world.

Japan got it in 1961. Canada in 1984. Italy in 1978. Norway, France, Sweden, Australia, Germany, etc. They solved this problem decades ago, and somehow Americans have been conned into believing that something the rest of the planet has does not work.

Even places considered bastions of free market capitalism, like Singapore and Hong Kong, have it.

Our system is a scam.

You pay large monthly premiums (that go up every year) then pay deductibles and have no idea if the treatment or medication you will need is covered.

One has no idea how much services or medication costs. Medicine in the rest of the world costs a fraction of what it does here.

You have to repeat this process for insurance on eyes and teeth. No entity in our country is allowed to negotiate drug prices like other nations do.

Will you be taxed for it? Yes. But Americans forget to subtract their current health care costs: no premium, deductible, etc.

Normal, everyday Americans would pay significantly less for health care.

We need to sift through the partisan nonsense and look at this issue for what it is. Is it better for you to have guaranteed insurance from Medicare in exchange for a small tax increase? Would you spend less money on health care or not?

We already know the answer.

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