While prompt, aggressive responses to the COVID-19 pandemic has produced a decrease in new cases in South Korea and China, the lack of leadership in this country has lead to a continuing escalation of cases.

President Donald Trump gutted the pandemic response officials in 2018 and never replaced them. The GOP is fighting in court to remove health care away from 30 million Americans.

Trump is spreading ignorant, dangerous misinformation and lies.

On Feb. 28, Trump called the pandemic “the Democrat’s new hoax” (NBC News). He has suggested it is fine to go to work when sick and that the death rate is like the normal flu.

Trump has repeatedly said the vaccine could be ready within months, whereas experts say it will be more than a year. Trump indicated that the COVID-19 danger could just “miraculously go away in April” when the weather warms.

Trump worked to delay the testing process, seek to keep the numbers low and keep the stock market from making him look bad. He proclaimed, “Everyone who wants a test can have a test,” but even Vice President Mike Pence said it will take weeks.

South Korea has tested almost 200,000 citizens. As of March 6, while we have tested fewer than 2,000.

This pandemic has exposed the inept administration of Trump not filling his administrative positions and being more concerned about playing golf at Mar-O-Lago and Trump’s re-election than he is about the health of Americans.

J. David Wemhaner, Jenks

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