Oklahoma's two senators

Oklahoma Sens. James Lankford (left) and Jim Inhofe. Tulsa World and Associated Press file photos

On Sunday, our U.S. senators were considering a bill amounting to a taxpayer-funded corporate bailout with no strings attached. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s “solution” included:

No requirement that companies maintain payroll or benefits; no requirements to reduce executive pay; limited restrictions on stock buybacks (that Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin can waive); and no oversight. 

I tried to call Sen. James Lankford and leave a message reminding him that he is a representative of the people, not corporations.

Much to my surprise, at both his Oklahoma City and Washington, D.C., offices, I heard a recording that the office is closed. However, there was no way to leave a message on such an urgent matter that was supposed to be passed during the weekend. 

At least I could leave a message on Sen. Jim Inhofe's Washington, D.C., phone but doubt it would be heard until Monday, after the expected vote.

In these uncertain days of COVID-19, with millions of Americans and Oklahomans losing their jobs for who knows how long, and with such a critical and important vote, one would think our senators would have someone manning their phones when the Senate is in session.

Why not try call forwarding to an aide working from home?

Or perhaps their plan all along was to avoid hearing from us, the people, on such a critical decision that benefits their corporate buddies and profits?

Our senators need to know: Put people over profits!

Kathy Henry, Tulsa

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