Mad 388

Remember the Y2K scare? What, me worry? This is the cover of Mad No. 388, which arrived in 1999. TOM GILBERT/Tulsa World

On New Year Day, I read the opinion column by Zachary Loeb, "Y2K wasn't a joke," with great interest.

It was very educational for me because my impression from the reports 20 years ago was that the feared digital meltdown had been averted with very little effort and expense, and the fears had been much overblown.

The column corrected that impression for me.

However, I think I found a live bug where he wrote that the estimated $100 billion spent in the U.S. to squash the Y2K bug dwarfs the estimated cost of doing nothing.

Does he not mean that the estimated $100 billion spent is dwarfed by the estimated cost of doing nothing?

James Chamblee, Bartlesville

Editor's Note: Yes, that's what he meant.

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