42. Arkansas

In 2007, I earned an associate degree in technical theater. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find work in my field, so I returned to Walmart, where I had worked before.

The company has been a great place to work for more than a decade, and I am especially proud of the Live Better U program, which is helping me work toward a bachelor’s degree. This time, I’m studying IT.

I always wanted another degree but working made it hard to attend traditional classes.

With Walmart’s help, I can do class work on my own time, which really appeals to me partially because I have a learning difference making it difficult to process abstract concepts.

Many people have heard about Walmart’s efforts to support associates. But they might not know about Live Better U, which offers the opportunity to earn a college degree for just $1 a day.

I have been named associate of the month three times and associate of the year once.

I work hard and help my mother take care of our farm. But Walmart understands my ambition to do more, and I’m glad to have the flexibility and financial help to make it all work.

I’m 12 years into my career at Walmart, and I couldn’t be more impressed by what they’ve done for me.

Phillip Roper, Broken Arrow

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