Tulsa Women's March

Protestors listen to a speaker during the Women’s March in Tulsa on Saturday.

IAN MAULE/Tulsa World

Thank you for the stories on the Women’s March (“’Activism is not a dirty word,’” Jan. 19 and “Women’s March could achieve what other movements lack — diversity: Ginnie Graham,” Jan. 12).

Historically, as women, it seems our greatest stumbling block to achieving equal rights with men is each other. We have a poor record of supporting one another and standing up for the vulnerable and powerless of our sex.

Especially when men are involved, the claws come out and the tongues start wagging. Most men continue to view our sex as irrelevant, gossipy airheads who cannot possibly handle the responsibility of power.

Unless we can present a united front and support each other's ideas and difficulties, men will continue to win elections, make more money and leave us pregnant, bruised and penniless.

March on, ladies!

Pam Pope, Tulsa

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