Excessive profits

Do not the excessive profits of monopolistic and multinational corporations function essentially as a form of taxation without representation?

Michael Lock, Tulsa

Leave Sheridan alone

I have been told all my life that our major streets were named for cities. Sheridan Road came from Sheridan, Wyoming.

Do not mess with Sheridan Road.

Jo Adams Tillery,


Editor’s note: Some Tulsa streets have been named to honor individuals. Tulsa World reporter Randy Krehbiel found it is unclear how Sheridan Road received its name but some believe it is after Union Gen. Phil Sheridan (Brady Street is now Reconciliation Way, but Tulsa still has a few other dubious namesake streets,” July 1).

Coyotes killing Tulsa pets

We live on Crow Creek in the Brookside neighborhood, which has been invaded by families of coyotes preying on dogs and cats. Several neighbors have reported missing pets and I, literally, grabbed our dog out of the mouth of an alpha male in our yard.

As we have attempted to pass a warning to neighbors and friends all over the city, we are getting lots of responses about other people who have pets that mysteriously vanished from their fenced back yards.

Coyotes have no problem jumping a six-foot fence with a 30-pound dog in tow, and they will only eat prey that they’ve killed themselves.

We’ve hired an expert to track and trap these pests, but they are elusive, smart and have evaded capture.

Calls to the city resulted in no interest or action, and I hope that other families dealing with this problem will join together to demand a solution.

Rick Stiller, Tulsa

Marijuana law farce

The editorial on Monday (High demand for medical marijuana shows the SQ 788 vote wasn’t a fluke,” July 1) needs two corrections in the headlines alone.

First, the word “medical” should have been dropped.

Second, in the subhead, you should have changed the word “patient” to “user.”

Everyone knows that Oklahoma’s marijuana law is a farce and is essentially a means for marijuana users to obtain their drug of choice.

Doyle Pierce, Tulsa

Actions over words

After listening to the debates of 20 Democratic hopefuls, I proclaim: noble ideals to support the needy! Before you make, or even suggest, laws for your fellow citizens to do this, I want to see you, yourselves, out of your own personal resources, doing this.

Then you have credibility.

Susan DeBartolo,


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