TU hatchet job

I applaud the letter from Jacob Howland about the hatchet job the University of Tulsa has applied to its degree programs.

One correction: TU’s cost is really about $54,000, including room, meals and tuition.

How can a university call itself world class without the humanities, languages, theater, music and many engineering and law school-related programs?

For example, TU has a noted theater and music department with a building constructed just for this type of programming.

Maybe the problem is not the studies but the ham-handed administrators who, as far as we have learned, did not communicate with students, faculty or graduates.

Of course, the Tulsa Regional Chamber applauds the university’s decisions; they are just related at the top.

Where are our citizens who want to have a top-class university?

(In the past, city leaders opened their pocketbooks to have this campus on the near east side of downtown.)

We need people in the seats of football and basketball games and other TU events.

TU needs help now to survive.

TU will not keep or attract new students if it does not offer studies that are attractive and meaningful.

Why pay the money TU commands to only receive a partial education?

My wife and I are TU graduates; two children and four of six grandchildren (all from Texas) also graduated from TU (one is there now).

We are also season ticket holders for football and basketball, attend softball games and soccer matches, watch tennis and go the TU theater from time to time.

Join us in supporting this beautiful and important part of the Tulsa community.

Joe Mills, Tulsa

Shameful leftist Democrats

Since the founding of America, our country has always been willing to fight to preserve freedom and end oppression.

During the American Revolution, we fought for the freedom of our own country. Since then, we have fought many more just wars.

America fought to end slavery during our own Civil War, and we fought World War I and World War II to stop evil empires from dominating the world.

America fought in Korea and Vietnam in an attempt to stop the spread of communism.

During the past 250 years or so, our planet is a brighter and much freer place because American soldiers have been willing to fight for the freedom of others.

Our current world would be a much darker place if not for America.

The leftist Democrats who hate everything that America stands for and who are doing their best to turn America into just another socialist dictatorship should be ashamed of themselves.

Lonny W. Crumbliss,

Broken Arrow

No inmate voting

To anyone in favor of granting voting rights to convicted criminals, including those currently serving prison sentences, might I suggest that you give some long, hard, apolitical thought to the probable unintended consequences of this policy.

Remember, there are many penal institutions housing many thousands of inmates who would have a tremendous impact on the outcome of local elections in the places where those institutions are located.

Try to imagine the impact this policy would have on the localities: city, county and state.

One thing is 100% predictable. The politicians in these localities sympathetic to these inmates or simply wanting their votes would descend on these institutions in droves to attempt to reap the harvest of new votes.

How would you like to have the surrogates or sympathizers of these inmates, many of whom are guilty of horrible crimes, either serving as or electing your mayor, county sheriff, city and county officials and school board members?

Not much, I’d wager!

Way to go, Sen. Bernie Sanders and others; I’m sure this policy would greatly enhance the moral compass, safety and living standard of our country.

Please note this letter is based on the premise and assumption that newly enfranchised inmates would be voting in the jurisdiction of their incarceration.

Roger D. Williams, Tulsa

Editor’s note: Sen. Bernie Sanders, a Democratic candidate for president, suggested prison inmates be allowed to vote during a recent town hall meeting on Fox News.

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