Oklahoma legislators filed 2,815 bills and joint resolutions for the 2019 session. 

The total included 1,733 House bills, 1,040 Senate bills, 21 House joint resolutions and the same number of Senate joint resolutions. Joint resolutions are the usual measures being referred to a vote of the people.

After a deadline to get bills out of committee, floor work began two weeks ago with approximately 1,000 bills and joint resolutions still alive; approximately 60 measures did not make it through the floor hearing process, according to eCapitol.

Gov. Kevin Stitt has now signed 11 bills into law, including permitless firearm carry and an expansion of Oklahoma's regulatory framework for medical marijuana.

Below are some measures that stood out, and links to news related to any movement on the bill in the Legislature.

Several bills were not voted through committee before deadline and therefore cannot be considered for 2019. After this week's deadline for bills to leave their chamber of origin, about 810 still-alive measures will move to committee hearings in the opposite chamber. Floor leaders in both chambers will be assigning the surviving bills to committees.