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The Tulsa Community Remembrance Coalition announced Friday that it is working in partnership with the Equal Justice Initiative in Montgomery, Alabama announced details of an outdoor memorial to be erected on the grounds of Vernon African Methodist Episcopal Church Church, 311 N. Greenwood Ave. to further inform the public about the events that occurred nearly a century ago.  

“I feel for them (the Tulsa police officers), too, when I see them working this hard to be the best that they can be for the citizens of Tulsa, and then to have some attorney who is suing the city for millions of dollars get up and act like they are not doing anything, I don’t think it is right,” Mayor G.T. Bynum said.

DOCUMENT - Update: Damario Solomon-Simmons' written response to Mayor Bynum

Lawsuit threatened if public comment not included in council hearings on Equality Indicators

Council hears from passionate residents before voting to hold public meetings on 2018 Equality Indicators report