Brady Manek joined an illustrious and kaleidoscopic club Saturday. Not the 1,000-point career club, although that's a worthy accomplishment.

He became the 59th Oklahoma player to score 30 or more points in a game.

Wayman Tisdale, Blake Griffin, Buddy Hield and Trae Young all scored 30. So did four fifths of Billy Tubbs’ famed starting lineup — Stacey King, Harvey Grant, Dave Sieger and Mookie Blaylock.

Gunners Terry Evans, Brent Prince, Tim McCalister and John McCullough got to 30. Big men Alvan Adams and Gar Heard did as well.

None of these names surprise you. What makes OU’s “59 for 30” club so cool are the names that do.

Jimmy McNutt for instance. The Sooners’ media guide says McNutt scored 30 points in 1940, which is crazy considering OU lost to Oklahoma State that season 26-19.

Here’s one from the 50s — Sherman Norton. Guy went from averaging 5 points per game as a junior to blitzing Stanford for 39 points as a senior in ’51.

Don Sidle, OU’s super scorer of the 60s, had multiple 30-point games. So did 70s stars Heard, McCullough and Adams.

But did you know Clifford Johnson struck for 31 against Bradley in ’77? Johnson scored 85 points the following season, transferred to Stetson and eventually became a minister.

Tubbs arrived in 1980 and it seemed like any Sooner could score 30. In ’81, the year before Tisdale showed up, Larry Hendrix poured in 31 against Purdue. The only thing I know about Hendrix is he transferred to OU from Abilene Christian.

After Tisdale showed up, some guard named Shawn Clark came off Tubbs’ bench to score 37 on Arizona State.

I remember one Saturday afternoon in ’86, my senior year of high school, watching David Johnson light up Duke at Cameron Indoor Stadium for 31. I remember watching Calvin Curry light up Colorado for 31 in ’94, on what seemed like 94 shots.

I don’t remember Kelvin Sampson’s best OU teams scoring in bunches, and yet Eduardo Najera, Ebi Ere, Jason Detrick, Aaron McGhee, Nate Erdmann and Corey Brewer all hit 30. Hollis Price and Ryan Minor did so more than once.

Willie Warren and Tommy Mason-Griffin brought more trouble than scoring to the Sooners in 2010, but still popped for 30 points that season.

Manek joins a list of Lon Kruger-coached Sooners to hit that mark. You know about Hield and Young, but do you remember Cameron Clark, Steven Pledger and Romero Osby scoring 30? They did.

It is a wildly diverse club. It will be wild to see who joins next.

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