Last week brought news that Lee Brice would play a concert before Oklahoma’s spring football scrimmage April 13. Lovely.

Brice could yodel for three hours straight and he still won’t top Les Miles for the highlight of this spring. Strike that. He won’t top Les and Smacker Miles.

Smacker was seven years old when her dad got the Oklahoma State job once upon a time. Now she’s 24 and covering her dad’s first spring session at Kansas for Jayhawk Insider.

No surprise that she got the exclusive on KU’s first spring practice last Thursday.

“The only issue with spring ball is you are forced to just wear helmets and not have contact,” the head coach told his daughter. “To play a contact game and not have contact... It’s every coach’s first worst practice ever. Of course you’ve heard me complain about that for years considering that you’ve lived in my house.”

Smacker finished her Q and A, taking her role as seriously as Les took his, and signed off with “Thanks, Dad.”

That made me laugh.

This made me laugh harder

The video of the 4-year-old who wore a microphone at hockey practice. It made its way to my kids’ social media accounts last week, and so they sent it my way.

Now I’m sending it your way.

Google “4-year old hockey mic” and give yourself five minutes to feel good about the world again.

This made me laugh hardest

I visited with Oklahoma State assistant wrestling coach Zack Esposito about his cauliflower ear last Friday, when he said: “With the popularity of UFC and MMA, the majority of people think you’re a fighter. It’s actually a little more acceptable. When UFC wasn’t so popular, people were always like, ‘What’s wrong with your ears?’”

What did you tell them?

“I’m a golfer.”

This made me think

Kansas State beat Oklahoma Saturday evening to clinch a share of the Big 12 basketball championship, and the K-State Twitter account posted video of coach Bruce Weber with two index fingers raised and his mouth hanging open with glee as he celebrated with fans.

The caption on the tweet: “Everybody (purple heart emoji) Bruce!”

Which goes to show you just never know how a season might turn out.

Last Dec. 8, not everybody (purple heart emoji)’d Bruce.

That was the day K-State fell at Tulsa 47-46. Weber finished in the locker room and walked back out onto the court to take care of some postgame radio duties. When he emerged, a pocket of maybe 10-15 K-State fans in a corner of the Reynolds Center started berating him. I mean, they were merciless.

Weber didn’t pay them any mind, but a couple family members of K-State players sure did. They walked up the bleachers and told the hostiles to shut up, which they promptly did.

What everyone should have done was calm down, realize an injured Dean Wade would get healthy and that guards Barry Brown and Kamau Stokes, who shot 4-for-24 at TU, would find their strokes. Everyone should have realized it was a long season, and that Weber was a sharp enough coach to figure things out.

Weber figured things out all right. He got a lot of help from seniors Wade, Brown and Stokes. And everyone wound up having a grand old time in Bramlage Coliseum Saturday.

I wonder if the malcontents from that corner of the Reynolds Center were there. I wonder what they were doing.

This made me cry

Remember Michael Neal, the Oklahoma 3-point marksman who was Big 12 Newcomer of the Year in 2006? He just coached the Norman High girls to a Class 6A state championship.

That’s nice if you are an OU fan, but even nicer for me.

When Neal decided to coach, he cut his teeth with the Alcott Middle School seventh grade boys in 2011. My son played on that team.

I remember driving Holden to practice before dawn. I never remember him complaining about it, mostly because he loved every minute of that season. He loved every minute with Coach Neal.

It’s pretty great when parents can trust coaches to help develop their children. I owe Neal for helping develop Holden that one winter in Norman.

I love that Neal is still impacting kids. I loved that he just won a gold ball while doing so.

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