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Mike Gundy takes part in a practice session at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Okla., on Tuesday, August 7, 2018. MATT BARNARD/Tulsa World

It's a quiet signing day for Oklahoma State, as the Cowboys announced only two additions Wednesday.

Four-star running back Deondrick Glass of Katy, Texas, signed with OSU early in the day. OSU also made its first formal acknowledgement that defensive end Israel Antwine, a transfer from Colorado and Oklahoma City native, is in the program as a mid-year enrollee.

It's also been a quiet time for Mike Gundy, who hasn't met with the media since the Liberty Bowl on Dec. 31 and recently declined interview requests.

Gundy did appear, however, on 247Sports' National Signing Day show Wednesday.

Over a six-minute interview, he fielded a few questions about OSU's 2019 class and one about new offensive coordinator Sean Gleeson.

Here's what Gundy had to say:

On Brendan Costello, the quarterback signee from San Clemente, California:

Gundy: "We like his ability to make a play when things aren't perfect. In our league, guys have to be able to move around and get the ball out of their hands quick. We think he can think really fast on his feet, very cerebral and can process information. He's got a strong arm. He's already in school now, so we're excited about watching him in the spring."

On Langston Anderson, the four-star receiver from Midlothian, Texas:

Gundy: "We hope that he fits into the role of the guys we've had here before who come in and work extremely hard and have won Biletnikoffs. We've had tremendous success with wide receivers and/or all players, really, from down in that area in Texas. He's got a long ways to go but boy, he's got a high ceiling from the standpoint of his ability to make a play in space and run after the catch. So we're really excited about getting him in here and seeing what he can do when he shows up in June."

On who stands out on the defensive side of this signing class:

Gundy: "We're hoping that we can get some good play out of our young linemen. We have Trace Ford, we've got Isreal Hundley ... Xavier Ross. That's such an important role in our league, to be able to get pressure on the quarterback. We're excited about Thomas Harper, whose brother (linebacker Devin Harper) is here playing for us. He comes in, he's at the corner spot. Kody Walterscheid, whose brother (Cole Walterscheid) was here also, as a defensive end. We're excited about what he brings to the table. And Kamryn Farrar. We think he'll give us an advantage with some speed on the outside playing the linebacker spot where he has to split out on a lot of inside receivers."

On why OSU has a tendency to outperform its recruiting ranking, which ranks 37th this year:

Gundy: "It's interesting, we hear a lot about that. We go after and offer and put the pedal down on four-stars and five-stars, geographically and maybe even a little out of our region. Sometimes we don't get as far as the other schools with them. So we really push hard to evaluate players that are within a 6-8 hour drive of Stillwater that fit our culture.

"We try to recruit specifically to our culture and position instead of just taking maybe what would be the best available player on the board, we want to make sure that we have a slot for them and there's not any question we have the best strength coach in the country. We all know this: As coaches, we get our players about six months out of the year. Our strength coach gets them 11 months out of the year. He does the best job in the country of developing our young men, not only physically but mentally. By the time they come to us after they've been with us 2-3 semesters, they get it, they understand our culture and they've been able to show that on the field and in the classroom."

On offensive coordinator Sean Gleeson, who came from Princeton:

Gundy: "They've executed and run the same system that we have. Two years ago he had a quarterback that was more of a drop-back style. I think they threw for 340 or 350 a game and maybe rushed for 110 or so. Last year they had more of a dual-threat quarterback. They were throwing for about 240 a game and rushing for a little bit over 200. They'll use 12 personnel, 11 personnel, 10 personnel. They play no-huddle, they play fast. Not as fast as us. The one adjustment he'll have is our turbos and the tempo that we play with. But he's, I think, an up-and-coming coach, a young guy that has a great knack for developing quarterbacks. He's played the position. He's a gym rat. He was a baseball player in high school. So he understands what it takes to develop young quarterbacks. I think it'll be very inviting for those quarterbacks to come in here and work with Sean. And I'm excited about him being here.

"Our staff was really excited. There's a lot of talk about coordinators, and it's never easy to say, we want this guy to be our coordinator. We've got guys on our staff that can do the same job. I just felt in this case, we needed a guy to come in from the outside with a few new ideas. Even though we've been tremendously successful on offense over the last 10 years, it's always good to get outside information and bring Sean in here and have him add some ideas to what we've already accomplished over the last 10 years."

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